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RD Mobile's Engagefully

RD Mobile’s Engagefully is a year-round member engagement app and event platform offering associations the power, functionality, and customization of a bespoke app.

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One Contact for Two Great Solutions!

Your Planstone Account Manager is your Engagefully support team and is committed to your success! Planstone will work with you to integrate all aspects of your meeting with your Engagefully app. Whether you choose the Engagefully app for one event each year or for unlimited year round engagement, we are here to support you.

Engagefully App Highlights

The Engagefully mobile app provides powerful out-of-the-box capabilities for delivering personalized & tailored experiences & opening new communications channels. App users can choose their level of engagement in their personal app accounts & your organization can deliver targeted, relevant content to individuals & groups based on their login. You control all aspects of your Engagefully app - including branding, content & menus - to nurture ongoing relationships, provide curated content/resources & deliver events.

For more information regarding Planstone's app, contact Tom Heneghan at for a demo or to receive a quote as part of your Planstone contract.

More information can be found by visiting RD Mobile's Engagefully Website:

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